Kerian Varaine

About the composer.

Currently living and studying in Dunedin with my partner and child, composing mostly chamber music but also playing banjo in the Dunedin based anarcho-jug-band,
Whiskey and the Wench.
Currently my soundworld is heavily influenced by folk musics, the natural world, moods, their degradation and the overlapping states between them.

compositions of note.

Wayward Journey - A three micro-movement ramble through a soundworld. Sept 2010.
Trio for flute, viola and cello. 3.30 minutes.
The first piece of mine to have been played.
Winner of the 2010 Lilburn Trust Composition Competition, Otago.


Current projects.

- A piece for two Violins and Piano, to be performed at the first Chamber Vulgarus concert in March 2011.
- A Piano prelude for a certain gentleman.




Facebook: ChamberVulgarus