Tom Jensen

About the composer.

I've been writing music since I was 12, when I was taking piano lessons. At 13 I was given an electric guitar and continued to write. At 14 I discovered the program, Fruityloops, and have been composing on it ever since (now called FL Studio 9). After finishing high school I worked full time for 4 years, during which most of my spare time was dedicated to composition.
I eventually realised that I may be able to find work composing, so I decided to study music at Otago University. Using Sibelius, I was able to come to terms with reading and writing using standard musical notation, I worked hard on my composing and studied the orchestration of the great composers; Mahler, Martinů, Wagner, Prokofiev, Holst, Pärt.
I submitted pieces to all the competitions I could find, and was eventually accepted into the NZSO Todd competition, where my piece was recorded and workshopped with NZSO. Currently I am doing soundtracks for Sci-Com students, and working on more orchestral music, and also writing the usual techno, singer/songwriter and death metal pieces.

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